What About Your Friends

It’s been a minute since I have been here.  I was determined to keep this up – but struggled with the public journey.  One can keep so much bottled up inside that when it comes to put it all down on paper, far too much bubbles out.  Silly fears came from sharing this personal circumstance with people I called my friends for life – and seeing how certain ones disappeared.

I am at a point where I sit back and think about this journey.  All those that I called my friends.  Some telling me to leave my husband… Others, just disappeared because my availability to them and their needs was all of a sudden “non-existent”.

Over the years I have been my own coach, therapist and best friend.  Yes, if not by faith, I know for sure I would not be sitting here now.  My relationship with my daughter (who is now 20) has truly evolved.  Many are in awe of our bond.  We’ve always been close, but as she has come into her own true identity, her words resonate with more clarity.  Her understanding is vocalized and not internalized.  Being her mother is the ultimate gift and I am thankful that God blessed me with an angel.  Being her friend , although not always easy, is indeed a treasure that I will never choose to give up.

I am  amazed at how I have learned to let people go.  Folks hurt you, and whether it’s intentional or not, when they are people you considered to be your friend, it impacts your life, especially if you are one who sincerely valued your friendships.  Know that if you let folks go, you can and will move on.

If a friendship is true and real, it will be maintained regardless of what the circumstances are.  We have all heard the stories that some folks are in our lives for a season, and about the trees of life…and how they are rooted and the number of branches and the leaves etc..  All those analogies are really spot on.  We are human and we tend to hold on to some friends whose seasons have passed, or whose leaves have blown away.  Holding on to them though is not healthy.

Sincere friends will stand by each other.  Trust and believe that if they are meant to be a staple in your life, they will be.

Even though it may not be easy, no matter what age you may be, don’t close off your heart and mind to potential friendships because of past friendships.  So what… – the people who you thought were going to be there for life – wilted away when “things” changed.  That is OK!  Someone you meet today – could actually be that true friend “for life”….

Don’t be afraid to have friendships with your children.  Circumstances can easily put us in a mindset that we are alone.  We are truly never alone.  Wanting that friend means opening your heart to also be that friend.  Think about it.

So yeah, what about your friends?


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