When you are down, you may question the meaning of happy – being happy.  Is it just an emotion?

You have faith.  You are thankful for breath!  You recognize that God opened your eyes to see another day.

You have family.  You have real friends…you have associates.  You have a job, a good job… You know if given the chance, someone would happily walk a million miles in your shoes.

So why are you questioning the meaning of happy?

If not satisfied with what is on life’s table, you have the ability to make changes.  Self-counsel is not always easy.  Only you and God truly know what you want…what you need.  There is indeed a difference between want and need.

Does the “want” make you question happiness?  What are you doing to achieve the wants?  Do you feel bound and constricted?  If so, that leads to why.

It is intriguing to watch how some can simply control their destiny with a fight and fire to reach their wants.  Surely, they have their down moments too, however they have a capability to rise above them and press on.  Although truly admirable, you sit within your shell wanting to break free so you can rise above, but something continues to hold you back.  The desire is there.  The fight…not so much.

When you have a broken or damaged spirit, the disappointments of life take large chunks of your strength.  Those that you admire experience those disappointments too, but because of the healing of their spirit, their disappointments only take small chips of their strength.

Human nature causes pause as you wonder why your spirit struggles so much with healing…

Everyone’s journey is different.  Some much more complicated than others.  Some people can easily share their troubling thoughts and others who keep those troubles confined within their own mind.

How amazing that you can see those who truly embrace happiness – it is in their eyes and NOT in a fabricated spirit.  Then look at those who have momentary pockets of happiness.  Those eye sockets are full of pain, and because of that ability to hide behind the facade – that fabricated spirit becomes the norm.  They allow it to be the norm because they do not want people to see that pain.  Nor do they want anyone to feel pity or see weakness. That happiness they seek is within reach – but they cannot heal their spirit by rolling around in pain – alone.

Our own thoughts often can be our own detriment.  Those with the most caring spirits are often times those that are in that silent pain.  It is a bit anomalous.

Our lives are so short.  We dedicate so much to family, to work and do not dedicate enough to our own healing.  We should not question the meaning of happiness we should embrace it.

There are many avenues where you can share your thoughts.  Share your pain.  Know that what you have inside could be a testimony/healing to another.  You do not have to put your face out to the world.  In our society today, you have a voice that can be anonymous…. Use it to heal YOU and as you find that you are truly embracing happiness, look in those eyes that surround you and seek out those on that journey to heal…just like you.

Questioning the meaning of happy – being happy may enable you to discover that it is more than your state of well-being. On your individual journey, you will find your own definition.  Just remember, embrace it.


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